Hemp Microwave Heating Pad

heat pack  of Eco friendly HEMP hot pack sustainable HEMP  cold pack
0571 300x225 Hemp Microwave Heating PadHemp Microwave Heating Pad

Eco friendly

Filled with Flax seed for a luxurious

Moist Heating Pad

Sooth away you aches and pains using sustainable 100% Hemp Linen.

Refillable and Washable!

Our Microwave Heating Pads are made of Eco friendly, sustainable Hemp.

No bleach, no dye, just natural hemp fibers against your skin.

030 300x225 Hemp Microwave Heating Pad

Our Hemp Heat Pads have a secure hook and loop seal, so you can add fresh filler whenever your old filler gets stale or scorched by over heating.

Flaxseed, dried corn, wheat and rice are all great fillers for our natural Hemp Heating Pads. And they all create a moist heating pad. Save money by filling it yourself or we can fill it with flax seed for you.

0351 300x225 Hemp Microwave Heating Pad

Hemp Neck Heating Pad 6″x27″

Our best seller, this heat pad is really versatile. Perfect for  a neck and upper shoulder wrap. Folded in half it works well for the lower back for lumbar pain or on the abdomen for cramps. This heat pad covers the entire spine on most people.



0571 300x225 Hemp Microwave Heating Pad

Hemp Small Heating Pad 11″x14″

Our small heating pad is great for spot applications, directly on your achy knee or on your abdomen for cramps. Used against the lower back of your chair it gives you lumbar support with soothing relaxing warmth.

This size makes a great bed warmer for children!


027 300x225 Hemp Microwave Heating Pad

Hemp Large Heating Pad 11″x27″

This heat pad is BIG. Large enough to cover the entire back of most people from head to tail bone. It also makes a very generous neck and shoulder wrap.

Doubled over, it works for spot applications like the small heat pad does but with twice the warming power.

This heat pad makes a great bed warmer for adults! Placing it under the covers for a few moments gives you a cozy warm bed to crawl into. Then you can push it to the bottom of the bed to keep your feet warm or drape it across your back, hips, wherever the soothing warmth feels best. Under the covers this heat pad stays warm all night!


Refillable Washable Sustainble

Hemp Microwave Heating Pads

Eco friendly heat pack Sustainable HEMP hot pack cold pack

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