Why fill it myself?

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It’ s simple, filling your own heat pad will save you money!

iStock 000012000426XSmall 150x150 Why fill it myself?Shipping flaxseed, rice, corn and most other fillers cost about twice as much as the purchase price. So ordering a pre-filled heating pad costs quite a bit more in shipping then an empty one does.

Flaxseed, corn, rice, and other fillers are readily available in most areas, bulk food grocery stores often have the best prices, usually at less then $1 per pound.

And it’s easy to fill it yourself!

Of course we can fill it for you if you wish.
Flaxseed are our favorite filler and it’s what we use when you order a pre-filled heating pad. Just click that option during purchase and we will be happy to do it for you.


127 Why fill it myself?


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