How to Fill Heat Pad

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Filling your own microwavable heating pad is easy!

First of all, choose your filler. Dried grains or seeds are commonly used such as rice, corn, wheat, cherry pits or flax seed. Flax seed happens to be our favorite, however if we were in Iowa, corn would probably be our favorite! Use whatever is readily available in your area, you can always change it if you decide you prefer something else.

Simply open the hook and loop seal, use a large spoon to scoop in the filler, or better yet, make a funnel out of a piece of cardboard and scoop into that. It really helps to do this over a large bowl or sheet to catch any spilled filler.

** Important tip, do not try to fill your heat pad all at once, when the heat pad is partially full, close the seal and work the filler into the less accessible parts of the heat pad, then re-open seal and add more. Repeat as needed.


Small Heat Pad with seal open, showing the flax seed filler

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Be sure not to over fill your heating pad as you will need to fold or roll it to heat in microwave. usually 2/3 to 3/4 full is about right. If you will be using your heat pad like a wrap (around neck,shoulders) you will want to use a little less filler, so that it drapes and shapes to your body. If you overfill it and then wrap it around your shoulders it will just sit stiffly on top of your shoulders instead of molding and conforming to you body.

For a herbal heating pad add dried herbs, usually starting with just a tablespoon, adding more gradually as needed. Remember that when you heat your herbal heating pad the scent will be stronger.

To empty your heating pad, simply open seal, pour out contents, and then shake the hemp bag to get all the stray seeds out, it’s best to do this outdoors.

Now is a good time to launder your heat pad if needed. Machine wash with warm or hot water, no bleach. If you drip dry your heat pad it will be stiff, if you machine dry it, your heat pad will be soft. You will find that the hemp linen gets softer and softer with age and repeated wash/drying, however the hemp will retain its strength and durability.

Remember Mother Earth, consider spreading your old filler on your compost pile or sprinkling it on your lawn. It will decompose naturally or be eaten, instead of going to a landfill.


Large Heat Pad with seal closed, hidden in seam.

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