How to Heat

microwave heating pad

moist heating pad

To warm our heating pads you will need a microwave with a turntable that is at least 10 inches wide.

Roll or fold your Hemp Heat Pad and place in microwave, being sure it can rotate freely.

How long it takes to heat your pad varies according to

  • what kind of filler you use
  • how full you fill it
  • how warm you want it
  • the wattage of your microwave oven

So it is important that you experiment to find out how long to heat your heat pad in your microwave.

Microwave for 30 seconds and check to see how warm it is. If it needs to be warmer, keep microwaving for 30 seconds at a time until you reach the desired temperature.

Care needs to be taken that you do not over heat your Hemp heating pad. Anything that is microwaved for to long can burn and our heat pads are no exception.

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024 How to Heat

Neck Heating Pad, folded, ready for the microwave

microwave heating pad

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