058 150x150 Heated Gloves Hand Warmers

These Heated Gloves Hand Warmers take less then a minute to make, using items you probably already have on hand. These hand warmers contain no chemicals and are reusable.

You will need

1 pair inexpensive stretchy knit gloves. Buy new ones (they are often about $2 a pair) or use up those odd gloves with missing mates.

2 cups (about) of flaxseed, dried rice, bird seed or any other small dried grain or seed you may have.

2 elastic hair bands, be sure it has no metal bits.

2 small pieces of ribbon, yarn, cord or whatever.

Its easiest if someone holds the glove open for you while you fill it with the grain, but if you don’t have any help, a funnel will do. Do not overfill the glove. Because it is stretchy, you will be able to pack a lot of grain into the glove, but keep it the regular size of a hand or a bit smaller, so that it will fit easily into pockets, or into the palm of small hands.

Secure well with elastic band and then tie securely with the ribbon or yarn. Now if one fails, you have a backup.

It usually only takes about 30 seconds to heat in microwave, but be careful and use less time to begin with until you know how much time it takes your microwave to heat the specific size of your hand warmers.

These stay warm about 20-30 minutes, longer if you keep them in your pocket.

For a really special treat, add some herbs to the hand warmer, cinnamon, cloves or even herbal tea can add a blissful scent. You may also wish to order some of our lavender, chamomile, rose petals, spearmint, balsam, peppermint or eucalyptus.

This is a great winter project for little ones, they will be so proud of their Heated Gloves Hand Warmers!

058 1024x768 Heated Gloves Hand Warmers

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