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Large heat Pad un-filled $44.

pixel Large Heating Pad

Large heat Pad filled with flaxseed $54.


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This is a large heating pad, long enough to cover the entire spine on most people, from neck to hips. You can also fold this heat pad in half and use it to focus on lumbar and hips, or on your abdomen for soothing cramps. However you use it, it warms, relaxes, and de-stresses.

It can also be used for cold therapy by keeping it in a plastic bag in the freezer. Both Heat therapy and cold therapy are very effective in breaking the pain spasm pain cycle.

Our microwaveable large heating pad filled with flaxseed creates luxurious moist heat therapy. The flaxseed conform perfectly to your body, applying heat and gentle pressure. Flaxseed high oil content gives them the ability to retain heat for a long period.

Our Hemp Microwaveable Heating Pads are refillable! You can refill your large heating pad with fresh flaxseed, corn, wheat, rice or whatever you like, and whenever you like!

With care, any natural heating pad will give you years of therapeutic heat. However, eventually they all become stale and need to be replaced. Or if you overheat in microwave, they will have an unpleasant burned odor. With our heat pads all you need to do is empty the hemp bag, wash if needed and refill with fresh filler.

Add lavender, chamomile, Eucalyptus or other herbs for a aromatherpy herbal heating pad.

Made with soft, durable, natural, 100% hemp. No dyes, no bleach, no toxins, just the natural hemp fiber against your skin.

Save money and fill it yourself! Shipping flaxseed is more expensive then their actual cost, so ordering an empty large heating pad will save you about $8 in shipping cost. Flaxseed are readily available in most grocery stores with a bulk foods section, at less then a dollar a pound. And it’s easy to do it yourself!

If you would like your hemp heat pad to be filled with flaxseed, we can do that too. If you choose that option, it will be filled with about 5 pounds of flaxseed.

Measures approx. 11″X27″

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About Hemp, Hemp is naturally hypo-allergenic and mildew resistant. The fibers are naturally stain resistant and are much stronger then cotton. Unlike cotton, hemp is sustainable. Hemp grows without the use of herbicides or pesticides and requires very little fertilizer. It can grow in a wide range of climates, including all 50 states. Hemp grows fast and will produce multiple crops per year.

Hemp has enormous potential to become a major natural resource that would benefit both the economy and our environment. Currently the United states is the only developed nation the does not allow the farming of industrial hemp.



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